The Characters

  1. Discordia Angel Jones: (Discord or Cordi) – 22 when the series ┬ábegins. A psychic PI with several abilities.
  2. Sunshine Breeze Jones: (Sunny) – 55 when the series begins. Discord’s mother.
  3. Benjamin Thomas Jones: (Ben) – 43 when the series begins. Discord’s father.
  4. Elizabeth Ann┬áJones: (Betty) 35 when the series begins. Ben’s 2nd wife, mother to Sean and Jonah.
  5. Sean Thomas Jones
  6. Jonah Theodore Jones
  7. Estelle Jones: Ben’s mother.
  8. Theodore Jones: (Ted) Ben’s father.
  9. Ginger: (Deceased) Discord’s “sister from another mister”.
  10. Mr. Whitehaven: Discord’s boss and owner of Arcane Solutions.
  11. Kate Smith: Witch, friend and co-worker of Discord’s. Her familiar is a parrot named Percival (Percy).
  12. Damian Herde: Witch and police detective. Friend of Discord’s, coven mate of Kate, etc. His familiar is a husky named Illusion (Illy).
  13. David Thornby: Witch and owner of The Blue Orb. Friend of Discord’s, coven mate of Kate, etc. His familiar is a raven named Copernicus.
  14. Jo Montgomery: Witch, employee of David’s, and friend of Discord. Coven mate of the others. Her familiar is a cat named Beatrix (Trixie).
  15. Veronica Purcell: (Ronnie) Witch, friend of Discord, and coven mate of the others. Her familiar is a ferret named Saki.
  16. Tonya Cannariato: Teen witch, coven mate of the others, and employee of David’s. Has a husky named Kyra.
  17. Nicholas Maxwell: (Nick) Wolf shifter.
  18. Logan Sayer: Tiger shifter, Protector of the White Queen, Terra (also his cousin).
  19. Tabitha: Selkie, and receptionist at Arcane Solutions.
  20. Patrick Maxwell: Nick’s older brother. Wolf shifter.
  21. Keith Maxwell: Nick and Patrick’s father. Wolf shifter, and Alpha of the Three Rocks Pack.
  22. Annie Maxwell: Keith’s wife. Wolf shifter.
  23. Jake Maxwell: Patrick’s son (toddler). Wolf shifter.
  24. Susan: Jake’s mother. Wolf shifter.
  25. Terra: The White Queen, and Logan’s cousin. Tiger shifter.
  26. Dane Soames: Tiger shifter, Discord’s partner. Brother to Alanna.
  27. Alanna Soames: Tiger shifter, clan queen. Older sister to Dane.


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