Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Not Forgotten

I’ve learned something important about myself as a writer the past couple of months: I can’t jump directly from finishing one series title into writing the next.

A break is definitely required between them, or a case of burnout tries to set in. I haven’t even been able to create a cover I like for Book #4 yet. 🙁

The break I’m taking is a paranormal romance that is speeding along nicely. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll have to take a few days to work on covers and formatting for other KKP releases while it’s being edited, and then I’ll release it.

After that, I will hop right back on the Discord & Co. train and drive that puppy all the way to the station for those of you waiting for Save the Last Vamp for Me. 🙂





A little excerpt from Save the Last Vamp for Me, which I’m working on today:

“What psychic abilities do you have?”

“Telepathy is the most common among my people.”

Leaning back, I crossed my arms. “That’s not what I asked.”

“No, it wasn’t,” Derrick agreed with a faint smile. “I have two others.”

I pushed. “And they are?”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if everyone was aware of what my abilities are, Miss Jones. A lesson you should take to heart, especially if you’re still collecting them yourself.” Derrick finished sorting the photos, straightened both stacks, and slid one across the table. “Those are your copies.”

I glanced at the towel-wrapped bundle and decided to try a slightly different question. “Do any vampires you know of have psychometry?”

It was the ability to handle objects and pick up, for the lack of a better word, memories from them. The theory is that the energy of something was affected by the energy of whatever else it came into contact with, leaving behind impressions. I often saw images, heard sounds, and less often, could smell or taste things. Some of those impressions weren’t retained long, while others were permanently embedded. Often the less savory ones.

Unfortunately, it didn’t always work the first time, and when it did, the results were often a confusing mess that took time to sort itself out into anything useful.

He answered, and threw me a bone while doing so. “None that I’m aware of, and that includes me.”

I could mark off one ability for him, if he wasn’t lying. I knew he was scary powerful with telepathy, and his refusal to say what his other two abilities were skyrocketed my curiosity. Maybe I’d find out before we solved the case. “Will we have access to the scenes?”

“Of course. Stone will show them all to you, whenever you’re ready.”

“Thanks.” I tucked the photos into my folder. “You know, we researched you back when Zoe was missing and your goons came after me the first time. Didn’t dig anything up. Where do you stand in the hierarchy?”

The vampire lord smiled. “I’m merely an inquisitive cog in the machine.”

“You’re the Council’s personal investigator.”

“That is a role I play at times, yes.”

I glared. “You’re frustrating.”

Derrick’s smile widened. “I’ve been told that.”