Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Discord Jones #6 Cover Reveal


A Little Street Magic (Discord Jones #6)

Discord is helping the police again as a series of gruesome murders and thefts rock Santo Trueno, while also facing a personal threat: Exposure by a stubborn, nosy reporter who believes she’s Thorandryll’s girlfriend.

The psychic PI has had enough, and vows to take control of both her life and job—even while her visions are becoming as intense as her relationship with Logan.


Coming soon! Exact release date to be announced.


Black Magic Shadows is Nearly Here!

Dear Discordants,
Black Magic Shadows (Discord Jones 5) will be live by Monday. My apologies for the extended wait, and I hope you find Discord’s latest adventure worth the wait.

At the earliest, the next Discord book will be released in December. At the latest, January or February. Sorry, it doesn’t have a title yet.

I’ll be writing and launching a new series in the meantime, Khaldorn’s Blessed, because I need to write something different for a little while. Not too different, as there will be magic and monsters.

Maybe I’ll even find some time to finish some of my other works in progress!

Thanks for hanging in there!