Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Small Update

If you’re not subscribed to the Santo Trueno Tribune, you’ll have missed a note I added to it.

While I have begun working on Book #3, we’ve had a “life roll” strike this week that takes priority. I know that’s vague, but maybe I’ll be able to clarify later, after it’s over and we’re beginning to recover a semblance of normality around here.

In the meantime, even though I’m not able to get much writing done at the moment, my team and I are still shooting for a March release for Save the Last Vamp for Me.

Also, I do have a title for Book #4, plus an outline of sorts. I’m something of a pantser: I have an overall idea of what each story is about, but I don’t plan out the entire story by chapter. It’s more like “Okay, this is what’s going to be the main case, let’s see what happens because of/around it!” 🙂

Once again, thank you so much for your support of Discord and Co!



#25 Paranormal

Very surprised and happy to see Something to Curse About reach #25 on the Paranormal Top 100 today. Thank you so much, from Discord and gang (and me)!



Something to Curse About in Paperback



It’s available right now via CreateSpace, with links to Amazon coming soon.

Note: A reader contacted me wanting to know if I planned to offer autographed copies. If you’re interested in those, please contact me via the email button at the top of the right header, and we’ll figure something out. Thank you! 🙂