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Guess you folks have figured out that I’m a big animal lover by now. It’s one of the reasons I like shifter type characters. 🙂

Due to some involvement with our local Friends of the Shelter program (I’ve set up the FB page, etc, and when needed, run dogs to the vet for their spay/neuters, stuff like that, or I take care of feeding my friend’s animals so that she can do the adoption events and whatnot), we have a pack of eight dogs. All of them are rescues of some sort.

Caesar and Seal were born here, but their mom was a stray we took in. They’re One-of-a-Kinds (I like that better than “mutts”).


Miss Toto, who is no longer with us, was taken into the vet clinic to be put down because she was “old”, and thanks to the good folks at the clinic and my friend’s daughter, eventually ended up spending another two years with us. She was a Shih Tzu, and awfully forgiving of the terrible haircuts I gave her.


Blaze, my Chihuahulhu, we adopted from the pound. He was a Christmas puppy the new owner decided to surrender to the pound not long after Christmas. He’s a long-haired black Chihuahua.

Blaze_11-13-2012_D copy

Julie, a Rat Terrier, was found walking down the side of the highway by a Good Samaritan who took her to the vet clinic. She was grossly obese, but the folks there put her on a diet and she lost a LOT of weight. We’d planned to foster her as part of the program, and have ended up keeping her.


I found Chupi in the street (actually, I nearly ran over him because he was trying to eat something smushed in the street). He’s a Chihuahua mix with a bobbed tail, and he was in the worst shape. Most of his hair gone, terribly infested with ticks, and just a bag of bones. He’s come a long way, but he’s not adoptable due to a tendency to bite out of the blue. So he’s here for good too.


Papi, a short-haired Chihuahua, was also a street dog, who showed up in our yard one day. House Hunney brought him in. After a couple of dashes out to look for his family, Papi decided he wanted to be our daughter’s dog. He’s pretty awesome, has an underbite and will “smile” when he wants you to pick him up.


Zeus came next. He’s a teacup Chihuahua, under 4 lbs, and yes, the inspiration for Speck (and Princess) from Something to Curse About. I found him while out delivering papers one day, all by his little lonesome. No one claimed him, and House Hunney always wanted a tiny dog, so he was a keeper. That thing Princess does in the yard? Zeus does that in the living room nearly every day. It’s hilarious.


Last, but not least, is my big puppy, Ares. His purebred Border Collie mother had a mad affair with an Anatolian Shepherd, and the owner wasn’t pleased. She basically took her in for a doggy abortion, but the pups were close to full-term. My friend’s daughter took the pups home, and we ended up taking two of them to bottle feed. Both survived, and his sister, Athena, went to a super nice lady in New Mexico, but we kept Ares. He’s just over a year old now, and nearly 80 lbs. Zeus is his bestest friend. 🙂

He should look pretty familiar to readers of Something to Curse About too. 😉


We also have two horses, a palomino Appy (She’s a QH with spots) named Shug, short for Sugar, and a blue roan Appy (a “real” one) named Solo.

Now you know why there are often animals in my stories! 🙂


Not Forgotten

I’ve learned something important about myself as a writer the past couple of months: I can’t jump directly from finishing one series title into writing the next.

A break is definitely required between them, or a case of burnout tries to set in. I haven’t even been able to create a cover I like for Book #4 yet. 🙁

The break I’m taking is a paranormal romance that is speeding along nicely. Once I’ve finished it, I’ll have to take a few days to work on covers and formatting for other KKP releases while it’s being edited, and then I’ll release it.

After that, I will hop right back on the Discord & Co. train and drive that puppy all the way to the station for those of you waiting for Save the Last Vamp for Me. 🙂