Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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May Already?

Well, April shot by like a speeding bullet. Sheesh.

Please note the word count widget on the left there: I’m writing!

My editor, Tonya, has some free time coming up when she’ll be able to work a red pen spell on Book 3. I’m doing my best to finish ASAP so that I’ll have time to do my usual 100 or so go-overs to smooth things out before sending it to her.

Now, back to work! 🙂




Attn Team Tiger

I’ve added a new Behind the Scenes bit from Logan’s POV: Distraction.

Distraction is an older bit I wrote back while working on Arcane Solutions. Had to do a bit of revision to make it fit with the finished result.

I’m working away on Book 3! 🙂


What can you tell me about gargoyles?

An update on Save the Last Vamp for Me.

It’s slow going today, though I have broken 12k, because I’m having to add to the series bible as I write.

Gargoyles appearing was a surprise. 🙂