Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Why Choose Psychic as a Label for Discord?

Psionics is the term generally used to describe paranormal abilities such as telepathy, telekinesis, etc—and there are loads of “etc” abilities—and people with psionic abilities are typically labeled as psychics.

That’s paraphrased from this Wikipedia article, but don’t worry. I don’t depend on Wikipedia to inform me. Rather, about forty years of being a reader is what planted the idea in my mind that any person who displays such abilities falls under the general label of psychic.

Anne McCaffrey called them Talents; the Xmen who have such abilities are called mutants, etc, etc, but generally, they’re psychics: People who have psionic abilities.

Of course, I didn’t just go by what I’d picked up as a reader over those many years, because there are people who study this stuff. I looked around, and purchased The Encyclopedic Psychic Dictionary.

With the exception of one, every ability Discord has is listed in it, though not necessarily by the same term.

Example: Telekinesis is also often called Psychokinesis, but I’ve seen the first used more often, so that’s the term I chose to use.

There’s another reason in why I chose to label her a psychic. I have another series with characters with psychic abilities, and that series is The Psionics. I didn’t want to have Discord calling herself a “Psionic” and possibly cause confusion that the two series were related. They are not.

As for why Discord has the abilities she does, well that would be because I wanted her to have them for various reasons. 🙂




The Year of Suck

This has been the Year of Suck for so many people. I hardly know anyone who hasn’t lost a friend or family member (human or animal) this year, if not more than one.

We’ve lost three now, and I really, really hope that’s it for this year as well as many to come.

About the only good thing that’s happened this year has been the rise of book sales and the corresponding interest and contact from readers. Your emails, reviews, comments on posts, and extended sympathies…you folks have no idea how much they’ve all meant.

However, as the result of all the loss, grief, and upheaval, I’m way behind where I planned to be on a lot of projects. It’s hard to focus on getting things done when each time I’m going well on a project, something else happens and kicks my legs out from underneath me. Days or weeks pass before a semblance of normality returns and then BAM! Something else freaking happens.


But I do want everyone interested in Book #3 to know that I’m doing my best to finish it as soon as possible, without it turning out crappy, and that I appreciate both your excitement for it, and your patience.

I’m sorry it’s taking so long.


“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,

Gang aft agley” – Robert Burns