Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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New Milestone

Dear Discordants,

Taking a minute to say “Thank you!” again for your support. Because of you, Arcane Solutions has reached a milestone with over 15,000 copies sold.

It’s said that most books (traditionally or independently published) won’t sell more than 100 to maybe 1,000 copies period. Not monthly, not yearly, but for all time. So this is a pretty cool milestone, and Arcane Solutions wouldn’t have made it without all of you.

For that matter, the series wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

I appreciate you folks for taking a chance on Discord and me, and deciding to stick with us.

Thanks so much!




The Next Discord

Just a brief update: I won’t start writing the next Discord Jones novel until I’ve finished the first novel, The Wolf Fount, for my new series, WatchWeres Inc.

Since I’m hoping to have The Wolf Fount finished and released by the first week of February, that’s the month I’ll start writing Discord #7.

You may have noticed Discord’s site has a new look. It was time to update to make the site more mobile-friendly. 🙂


Get Notified!

Hey there! =)
I wanted to let you know about the ways available to stay in touch for new release information and other news.
A) If you ONLY want to be notified of new releases, you can sign up here http://books2read.com/author/gayla-drummond/subscribe/1/697/ for my Draft2Digital-maintained mailing list. I do not see your email address, do not do the sending of notification emails, and new release emails are the only ones you should receive from it. This is the mailing list that is now being linked in the back matter of my ebooks, so if you’ve already subscribed through one, you’re set.
B) If you’re only interested in Discord Jones cover reveals and releases, you can subscribe to the Santo Trueno Daily on the site:http://discordjones.com/ (it’s on the right sidebar). This is a mailing list I personally maintain, so I WILL receive your email address. Subscribers to this list will be the first to see Discord cover reveals, and will be notified of new Discord releases. Those are usually the only two types of emails I send out via this list.
C) My author mailing list: http://gldrummond.com/ (right sidebar) is the last mailing list. It’s the same type as Discord’s, except that I’ll send notifications about all my new releases, not just Discord Jones ones.
D) You can “Like” my Facebook author page: https://www.facebook.com/G.L.Drummo… or…
E) You can “Friend” me on my public Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/gayladrumm…
F) If you’re an Amazon customer, you can click the big yellow “Follow” button on my Amazon author page: http://www.amazon.com/Gayla-Drummon…
I think that’s about it. Thanks!