Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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The Future of this Series is in Your Hands

The bad news is that I’ve reached the point of not being able to afford releasing ANY new titles for a while. Much red ink + sales crash = no cashola for expenses.

I’ve been trying to make a sensible plan for releasing new titles. It’s a bit more expensive to produce novel length works compared to shorter ones, so the novels take longer to earn back their expenses.

The expense money is re-invested in producing the next title.

Arcane Solutions isn’t doing well sales-wise. It needs to sell 567 ebook copies to break even, and has sold only 39 copies since being released Jan. 25th.

That’s 528 more copies to sell. That seems quite a long way off, but the plan from here on out on my series is to not release the next until the title before it has broken even on expenses.

At Arcane Solutions’ current sales rate, I should have the other 8 titles completed to the point of being ready for pro editing before being able to send Something to Curse About for edits and then publishing it. 😛

The good news is that from Something to Curse About on, not as many sales will be needed to hit the break-even point for each title. I priced Arcane Solutions at $2.99, but the other titles will be regularly priced at $5.95 and only 300 sales should be needed for them to break even.

I’m not a hardcore self-promoter for a few reasons, the main two being that I don’t like yelling ‘buy my books’ all over the internetz and that I’d really rather spend my time writing.

As a result, the future of Discord and Company is in readers’ hands. You know, assuming I don’t drop the ball in writing each story well. 😉

Aside from purchasing the titles, doing things to spread the word is super helpful. Add it to your To Be Read list at Goodreads and similar sites. Mention you’re reading it on Twitter, Facebook, or wherever. Write a review, if you like doing that. Rate it when you’ve finished reading it wherever you purchased it from (if ratings are available).

Each of those things helps promote a book, with the added bonus that I don’t have to act like a clueless, self-promoting jerk and can spend time writing for you. ‘You’ being people who enjoy reading what comes out of my brain, or who decide to give my work a shot to see if you like it or not.

Please note that I’m not asking for 5 star reviews, just honest opinions to be shared. I don’t believe a 1 star or snarkily written review requires a psychotic response from me (or from any of my fans, who wouldn’t do that anyway because they’re Awesome Blossoms). What one person doesn’t like, someone else will, so as far as I’m concerned, all reactions are good. 🙂

Thanks for reading!