Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Tempted Fate & Lost

As is normal when I attempt to set a deadline to finish a book by, crap happened. I lost 5 working days to it this time around, totally screwing my intentions of getting Discord 8 ready to release by this evening.

For the cherry on top, waking up to massive sinus pressure and headache didn’t start my Sunday off well. Nor did discovering our washing machine is on the fritz.

There’s a reason I seldom set deadlines, y’all. [rolls eyes and huffs]

The sinus/allergy crap cut a chunk of working hours out of today, and I have a couple of things I have to take care of tomorrow. It’s difficult to get into creative mode when stuff’s going on or my head feels as though it’ll explode (I just LOVE our dusty West Texas weather!), which means I’m not sure how much work I’m going to get done tonight or tomorrow.

In short, Discord 8 is delayed AGAIN.

My apologies. AGAIN. It doesn’t make me happy to disappoint people I know are waiting for it. I’ve yet to figure out the magic trick to prevent crap from happening when I set a deadline. When I do, y’all will be the first to know.

By the way, huge THANK YOU for the emails and comments letting me know how excited you are about another Discord!

I WILL be working on it all this week, but I’m not going to tempt fate by saying it’ll be ready to go this coming weekend. Tempting fate once per book is enough to remind me how well that goes. =/


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Hey there! =)
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B) If you’re only interested in Discord Jones cover reveals and releases, you can subscribe to the Santo Trueno Daily on the site:http://discordjones.com/ (it’s on the right sidebar). This is a mailing list I personally maintain, so I WILL receive your email address. Subscribers to this list will be the first to see Discord cover reveals, and will be notified of new Discord releases. Those are usually the only two types of emails I send out via this list.
C) My author mailing list: http://gldrummond.com/ (right sidebar) is the last mailing list. It’s the same type as Discord’s, except that I’ll send notifications about all my new releases, not just Discord Jones ones.
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I think that’s about it. Thanks!


Cover Reveal: Black Magic Shadows

Black Magic Shadows (Discord Jones #5):

Her long-dreaded date with Thorandryll complicates Discord Jones’ final case of the year: locating a stolen magic mirror. While searching, Discord discovers a secret battle raging beneath the quiet surface of Santo Trueno, one which could change it forever.

Discord’s efforts to oust her unwelcome visitor only emphasizes how far down the supe-world rabbit hole she’s fallen. The struggle to understand how the past year’s events will impact her future begins as she accepts a new bond—with the gargoyles.