NaNoWriMo begins in just two days. As usual, I’ll be joining in the 30 day madness, working on the first title of my reboot of the Shadow Connor series.

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on Something to Curse About, and am hoping to have it at least at the halfway mark by whenever I hit the hay on Thursday. I will be working on it during November as well, after I’ve hit a good stopping point for my NaNo novel each day.

Arcane Solutions has been steadily selling on the Amazon UK site this month. Many thanks to those who’ve purchased it!

While I’m hoping next year brings two new titles to the Discord Jones series, I’m pretty certain I’ll have the third one finished at some point during the year. The fourth would be a bonus, and put the series at nearly the halfway mark in being complete.

I love writing urban fantasy. The Shadow Connor series will be a little darker in tone, but I’m also working on another UF story, which I hope becomes a series too, that’s a proving to be quite a bit of fun.

That’s my update for the week. I’ll try to check in with another next week! 🙂