Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Tiny Release

One of a few short stories I’ve been working on as an off-shoot of the Discord Jones series. It won’t be available on other retailers.


Yikes, I’m Behind

First of all, many apologies about Discord Jones #7. It wasn’t being cooperative at all (I started over three times!). The lack of cooperation led to deciding to write a “snacker” Discord. If you’re a member of the newsletter, you’ve already seen the cover reveal and description for it.

Here are both for everyone else:

DJ_JLM_Cover_4x6 Just Like Magic (Discord Jones #6.5)

Discord is bored: She isn’t being assigned new cases because she’s been outed in the media, resulting in too close for comfort scrutiny. Logan’s suggestion of a weekend getaway sounds like the perfect remedy.

Three whole days of just the two of them and no responsibilities? Hell, yes.

When your boyfriend’s a shifter, the destination is guaranteed to be magical. And where there’s magic, trouble has a tendency to arise.




Just Like Magic is a novella length story (final word count pending final edits), and will be on sale for $1.99 for 7 days upon release.

Aside from Discord #7 being a jerkazoid, something else kind of happened. I’ve been a lot more active in volunteering for our local shelter’s adoption program lately. It’s been time well spent as far as I’m concerned, and well, there are DOGS. Many DOGS. Also, puppies! 🙂

I’d planned to finish Just Like Magic and have it out by Friday, but uh, there was a dog. A pregnant one. She only had 3 days, being an at-large/stray intake, and since our shelter and adoption programs are currently full, would’ve been a top selection for being put down.

Kind of couldn’t let that happen, if I could do anything at all to prevent it.

Turns out, I could do something with the help of others. All I had to do was ask. 🙂

A dear friend of mine, and fellow writer, JC Montgomery, said she’d take and care for Little Momma and her puppies, and ensure they got good homes. My House Hunney volunteered to do transport duty, and eight people donated money for transportation expenses, plus a little extra for vetting expenses.

Long story short, we pulled Little Momma out of the shelter a few hours before her deadline arrived. She and House Hunney are on their way to Reno NV, where JC lives, as I type this. Okay, they may still be asleep at their motel right this minute, but they made it to Mesa AZ last night.

Little Momma is a super sweet, good girl who is taking the trip really well. For our part, we’re all really grateful to have been able to work things out to give her and her future puppies a chance at having good lives. 🙂

Update: Little Momma now has a Facebook page!


New Milestone

Dear Discordants,

Taking a minute to say “Thank you!” again for your support. Because of you, Arcane Solutions has reached a milestone with over 15,000 copies sold.

It’s said that most books (traditionally or independently published) won’t sell more than 100 to maybe 1,000 copies period. Not monthly, not yearly, but for all time. So this is a pretty cool milestone, and Arcane Solutions wouldn’t have made it without all of you.

For that matter, the series wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

I appreciate you folks for taking a chance on Discord and me, and deciding to stick with us.

Thanks so much!