Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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What’s Ahead?

So, what’s ahead for Discord in Save the Last Vamp for Me?

Obviously, she’ll be dealing with vampires, which will mean dealing with her prejudice towards them. Prejudices are prickly things, and not always in place due to personal experience.

Discord will meet Nick’s parents and pack too. I’ll leave it to your imaginations how that turns out—at least until the book’s finished. 🙂

She’ll also deal with some mundane problems, because life’s full of those.

I’m one of those authors who reads reviews, and while I won’t butt into review areas to comment on them, I do appreciate them and am often thrilled by what they say. Okay, I’m always thrilled, regardless of the number of stars attached. It’s pretty cool to pull something out of your brain that affects someone enough they want to share their own thoughts, good or bad, about it with others.

To those who are eagerly awaiting Book #3, THANK YOU! Your enthusiasm fuels my own to get it written.

To those who’ve noted certain things, THANK YOU!

When I began writing this series, there were things I wanted to avoid. I don’t want Discord to be a TSTL heroine. Youth and experience tend to lead to making less than awesome choices at times, but a person doesn’t have to be totally dumb and unable to learn from their mistakes.

I also didn’t want her love life to become the story. Relationships and sex are natural parts of life, so it would be kind of strange for Discord not to have either, but her love life isn’t THE story, just a part of it. I’m really glad the fact her love life isn’t the main story focus seems to be a thing of enjoyment for you folks, and not out of any prudishness on my part. I just don’t want Discord to end up some sort of sexual demigoddess with a harem at her disposal.

While that can be loads of fun to read about (and it is, LOL), Discord assures me it’s not a secret fantasy of hers and one guy is plenty.

She’s just reminded me that she’d be thrilled to answer questions, if she can do so without spoilers, so if anyone has some, pop them into the comments, and I’ll hand the blog over to Discord to answer them with a post of her own.

We both thank you for your support! 🙂