Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Hello Again

I’ve been able to fit in some writing after all this month, bringing Book #3’s word count up to 8k. Unless something comes up, I’ll be working on it tomorrow and most of the weekend.

It’s been really cool to see reviews (and ratings!) showing up at Goodreads, Amazon, and AmazonUK for Arcane Solutions and Something to Curse About. Thank you so much for those! All of them are greatly appreciated.

I also appreciate the new subscribers to the Santo Trueno Tribune. I promise I won’t send more than 1-2 newsletters out per month. 🙂

Subscribers will get the first look at Book #4’s title and cover, probably about the end of February. 😉

Here’s a tiny excerpt from Save the Last Vamp for Me:

Soames threw his arms around me and yanked me to the ground. I lost focus, the lightning fizzling around my hands dying away, and cringed as the orange tiger flailed past over us. Logan stalked by, his head low, bloody fangs bared, and tail lashing.

He took two steps past, halted, and looked back. I waved while Soames hauled me into sitting position. Logan shook his head and turned back to face the other tiger, who’d apparently also noticed me and the fact that all of his buddies were unconscious.

The orange tiger snarled and shifted to human. I covered my eyes, earning a laugh from Soames, but my burgeoning headache lessened, probably due to our skin contact rather than lack of light. I’d noticed tiger shifters had an innate calmness that worked as a psychic analgesic for me.

“Called in your little witch for backup?”

“Why does everyone always think I’m a witch?” I kept my eyes closed, but dropped my hand. Soames, crouching behind me, kept hold of me with an arm around my waist, so that I was sitting between his legs. I felt him shrug.

“Couldn’t tell you.”

“Well, I’m not. I’m a psychic.”