Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Note to Readers

While I have started on Book 3, I’m probably going to take a break after finishing it to work on a couple of my other projects I plan to complete this year. Namely, the first novella in the Faecombe County series (also Urban Fantasy), and another novella for the After the Fall scifi series.

After completing those, I’ll begin on Book 4, but also be working to complete a few other projects, so it will take longer to finish. The thing is, when I spend a lot of time only writing about one group of characters, I tend to burn out on them no matter how much I love them, so breaks to work on other things are necessary.

It’s possible Save the Last Vamp for Me may be released quite a bit sooner than I’d originally planned. Possibly as early as March, if everyone’s schedules mesh for beta reading and editing.

My plan has been to end Discord’s series at nine titles. If readers want more, and I think I can continue the series without screwing it up or jumping the shark, I’ll plan more titles. However, those will likely be spaced out to no more than two a year in order to work on my other series and standalone projects.

I really appreciate your support for this series. So does Discord. Thank you! 🙂