Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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New Heights

Today, Arcane Solutions reached a new high in both overall ranking and Top 100 lists ranks:


Not only a new high, but y’all have kept it on the Paranormal Top 100 since November 23rd, and put it on the Urban Fantasy Top 100 eleven of those days as well.

Once again, I want to say THANK YOU!

A couple of years back, I decided to stop trying to promote my books much in favor of writing more and releasing new titles. Because of that decision, I don’t have thousands of Facebook “fans” or Twitter followers because I haven’t pimped either much, and it doesn’t really seem to matter. 🙂

Instead, with a combination of trying my best to write good stories, a small but pretty hardcore readership always willing to retweet, etc, and a lot of luck, more readers have discovered Arcane Solutions and decided to purchase it. That’s beyond cool. 🙂

In other news, Something to Curse About is currently at 90% so steadily nearing completion, and therefore on track for a post-Christmas release. I’m hoping to hand it over to my editor by Sunday evening.

It’s been a fun story to write. I love Discord and her friends, and am eagerly anticipating getting started on Book 3: Save the Last Vamp for Me, which I’m planning to release in June 2014.

So thanks again, people. It’s been an exciting couple of months! 🙂