Discord Jones Urban Fantasy Series

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Nearing the Halfway Mark

I’ve sent Chapters 1-14 off to my beta readers (all together, instead of in bits and pieces this time).

Current word count is 29,286 going into Chapter 15, so it’s roughly 42% complete.

I’ve posted a couple of tiny excerpts over on Facebook.

Tonya, my editor, has a two week period in December free for editing, so I’m doing my best to finish, take beta read suggestions into account, and do my usual self-editing/polishing before sending it off for final edits then. If I don’t, that will delay the release until January.

I’m trying really, really hard to get’er done, folks. 🙂

Also, a big THANK YOU to everyone whose purchased a copy of Arcane Solutions. I’ve been squeeing the past few days because it broke the #10k ranking barrier over on the AmazonUK site. Three times, two of them today!

That’s awesome. 🙂